Winning tips from Asian betting syndicates

Bribing players has become common in football and match fixing is rampant. Matches are fixed for quick money that comes from betting. Millions of dollars are pumped in betting and the lion’s share goes to bookies, who fix matches. Bettors are losers but not all are losers as some bettors have access to inside information regarding match fixing. They know winning teams and also the margin of goals.

Asian betting syndicates are notorious for bribing players and fixing matches but tipsters have inside information about match fixing. Tipsters give winning tips to bettors and in this way help bettors in winning bets. It is easy to win bets with the help of tips as tips are made with inside information on match fixing. Tips are guaranteed and replacement tips are provided for failed tips. There is no way bettors can break the odds for fixed matches without taking help of tipsters.


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