Winning halftime fulltime tips for high paying halftime/fulltime bets

Halftime/fulltime bet is a combo bet in which the score at half time and cumulative score of both the halves is considered to win bets. This form of betting adds more thrill and excitement to betting. And this bet is certainly a tough net to crack.

It is easy for tipsters to calculate movement of players as they have inside information on arrangement of players on ground and also they have correct information on the strategy of teams. Tipsters know replacements for injuries and non-performing players. Halftime fulltime tips by tipsters are always 100% accurate.

The biggest advantage tipsters have over bettors is that they get information from bookies and not from media. They are a step ahead than bettors as the bettors rely on media reports and live telecast of the matches for information. But tipsters have information on the matches and they even know which matches are fixed. 



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