Who organizes fixed matches and are they really fixed?

Betting on sporting events is big business. Every year, around the world, hundreds of billions of dollars change hands due to betting, and most of it is not legal. Illegal betting is rampant. Most estimates say that the volume and scale of illegal betting actually dwarves legal betting. And where there is betting you can be sure that match fixing will follow suit. And that is quite natural because whenever somebody bets money on something, they’ll want to influence the outcome to be a favorable one. And while most don’t actually possess the means to do so, a select few do. The authorities will have you believe that fixing is very few and far between, but most independent estimates by industry insiders say that as many as 1 in every 11 matches is actually fixed. This rampant nature isn’t just limited to any one sport or even one level of sport. Everything from inter-college to professional or even national matches is fixed. Fixers use the allure of money, sex and other means to make deals with players and match officials to influence and fix the match. The sports which are commonly targeted are usually the more popular ones like Soccer and Baseball since they can generate huge sums of money in the form of bets. For more information please visit Buy fixed match.

Match fixing bookmakers

Most match fixing deals are actually carried out by independent bookmakers who use their own personal connections and resources to get close to players, officials and in some cases, their families, and chalk out plans to fix matches. Some of them do so, not to make money off of betting itself but by selling this much wanted information to people who are willing to pay money for it. With the advent of modern means of communication, these bookmakers have resorted to using the internet to carry out their dealing and transactions since it helps preserve anonymity and keeps both the seller and buy of the information out of harm’s way since there is no need to meet physically and the paper trail is almost negligible or pretty much non-existent. A simple Google search will reveal hundreds of sites which claim to provide you with information on fixed matches but common sense says that they must be fake. 

Fixed matches can make the difference

While most sources who claim to possess this knowledge truly are fakes who are out to scam you out of your money, Fixed Matches is the real deal. Over the years they have provided information on the results of matches with surprisingly high accuracy. In fact, their high levels of accuracy can’t just be chalked up to plain luck. Simple mathematics will tell you that the probability of getting so many match outcomes right without having access to insider information is simply not possible. Fixed Matches will provide you with the closely guarded insider information that you need to break the house and win big.

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