Fixed matches and how they work

Globally speaking, betting on sports matches is a huge industry and it keeps on increasing in size and influence and revenue as more and more legal avenues are created to broaden its reach and appeal to the common man. However, almost everybody is aware that legal avenues only constitute a very small fraction of the money that actually is involved in this operation. The vast majority of betting is conducted illegally and under the radar of the law. And as wise men say, whenever betting is involved, you can be sure that fixing i.e. illegally influencing the outcome of a certain event, isn’t too far away. While authorities try their hardest to clamp down on fixing, the truth of the matter is that match fixing is very real and very common. Some might think that match fixing might be impossible but the recent spate of stings and the consequent arrests made by the law in relation to match fixing is testament to the fact that it exists and has actually picked up steam over the last few years. The common perception among the general populace is that match fixing is a complex process which requires vast resources and a lot of connections, not to mention many other illegal activities which act as precursors to the fixing. People associate The Mafia and other crime syndicates with fixing. When people think of a match being fixed, they imagine criminal kingpins negotiating with players using any number of offers such as money, sex, threats of violence etc while thuggish henchmen stand guard.  

Know who fixes these matches 


Now, you might be asking yourself, why would I want to get myself mixed up in the affairs of the Mafia? And to be honest, that is a very legitimate question. However, the truth of the matter is that while a certain amount of fixing is in fact done by the mafia, most available reports by authorities actually say that the vast majority of match fixing is actually orchestrated by independent bookmakers who are just trying to make a quick buck, just like you. They use offers of money and their own connections to get close to players and try to iron out deals to influence and fix parts of matches or whole matches.

Selling info for money

While most of these fixers tend to keep the information private, a select few trade this information for money. Their goal is not to make money by betting but rather to sell the information for money. This information is traded through the internet to preserve anonymity.
In case you are not sure about their legitimacy, you can start small; bet a small amount using the provided information to test out their reliability. One such source for accurate information on the subject of fixed matches is Buy Fixed Match. Because of their numerous connection and backdoor dealing, they can provide you with reliable and up-to-date insider information which can give you a very big edge. Buy Fixed Match might just turn out to be the big break that you need to start minting money left, right and center. 

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