How could tipsters make correct score tips?

How would you predict score of a soccer match? You will rely on opinion of experts, live commentary and media reports to determine correct score of a given match.

If the match isn’t fixed then score prediction can be made on performance of contesting teams. But predicting outcome of fixed matches is a difficult job as these matches are played to achieve a predetermined score.

Predictions for fixed football matches

The only way you can make correct score tips for matches that are fixed is to get inside information about these matches. The matches are fixed inside closed doors where outsiders aren’t allowed. It is only with the help of eavesdropping that you can get authentic information on fixed soccer matches. But punters don’t have access to inside information.

Other than bookies, it is tipsters that can give authentic information on fixed football matches. Tipsters have insiders in betting syndicates. Tipsters buy information from their sources. Betting has become a profitable industry and everyone related to the industry wants his share in the profit. Bookies fix matches but the information on match fixing is leaked to tipsters.

Tipsters pass the information to punters in the form of correct score tips. Punters wager as advised and win bets. It can be said that punters also get their share profit but they have to buy tips. Tipsters sell tips to punters and latter use the tips to win bets. Winning bets on fixed soccer matches is like a chain with bookies at the base and punters at the top.

Predictions for matches that aren’t fixed

It isn’t that all the football matches are fixed. Most of the matches are played with the sportsman spirit. Contesting teams give their best performance to matches. Ideally predicting outcome of a regular match is more difficult than predicting outcome of a fixed soccer match.

If you are betting on a regular match then you have to an authority over football. You have to be a diehard fan of the team you follow. There are many factors you need to look upon to make right prediction. But a tipster can make correct score tips as tipsters have experience, knowledge and inside information on present as well as past performance of contesting teams.

Fees of tipsters

How much a tipster would charge for tips is a matter of personal choice. Tipsters are service providers and like other service providers, they are also free to determine their fees. But tipsters keep their fees competitive to remain in competition. Here it is necessary to clear that tips aren’t provided for free or it can be said that free tips aren’t reliable. 

What are free tips?

Everyone is free to make an opinion on football matches and also people are free to express their opinion. There are tons of websites that provide free tips for football matches but there is no guarantee of success in free tips. Or it can be said that free tips can’t be correct score tips.

Free opinion has no base and for this reason it is free. Opinion makers could be former football champions, experienced team managers, successful bettors and retired bookies. But a tipster bases his opinion on facts, findings and information. 

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