Think of quitting betting only when score predictions of tipsters prove wrong

Bettors turn to tipsters for score predictions on football matches only after losing all hopes of winning bets. Losing bets despite your best efforts is discouraging but you should know that winning bets isn’t an easy job. If it had been an easy job there would have been no tipster. 

A tipster can provide real help but bettors are discouraged to go take help. They are told that no tipster can break the odds. They are told that tipsters are making money by providing false tips. Bettors left with no option other than to take help either quit betting or go to tipsters for score predictions.

Before you quit, you should take a chance. Buy tips from a tipster and see whether the picks materialize. If the tipsters are unable to provide real help then you should quit betting as there is no reason to keep betting, when you can’t win a single bet. There are tipsters that provide correct score predictions and they provide service at affordable price.

Cost of tips might become a cause for worry but you should look at the bets and not at the cost of tips. See how much you are investing on bets and add the cost of tips to your betting money. If you put $1 on a bet and $1 for a tip then your betting amount would be $2. With true score predictions, you can double your money and it isn’t a bad deal. Cost of buying tips can be recovered from winnings.  

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